E-Turn & SPS- Lucid

E-Turn & SPS- Lucid

E-Turn & SPS- Lucid

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"Lucid," the newest video for hip-hop artist E-Turn and DMC USA Champion SPS, is the fourth single off their debut album, Dark Trust. This video, directed by Orlando videographer Varras Tower, is intended to display E-Turn's lyrical ability and SPS's turntable skills whilst providing a pop of colorful visuals to accompany the music. Varras Tower has also directed videos for artists including Planet Asia, Blueprint, and Shabazz The Disciple. A lighthearted production, Lucid displays the celebration and showmanship of hip-hop's many elements.

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Directed by Varras Tower @VarrasTower
Cinematographer: Ed Jensen

Assistant Director: Nicole Kovaleski

Grips: Matt Sharison, Noreal Mays & Gerika Jones

Stylist: Anna "A.Roze" Rozier

Make Up Artist: Amy Neral

Choreographers: Joleen Morales & Anthony "Omen" Cabrera

E-Turn & SPS as themselves

Joleen Morales
Anthony "Omen" Cabrera
Emilio "Rukus" Davila
Danielle "DFfresh" Chambers
Jason "J-Rock" Rodriguez
Mila Belle
Sinead Carr

Alex Marra
Anna "A.Roze" Rozier
Baltazar Zetino
Buddy Demers
Greg Stage Jr.
Lael Pageau
Michael J. Sloan
Peter Rosati
Veronica "Lovely" Ramos

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